Assessment Reporting Form

Every two years, departments submit a report assessing at least one learning outcome.  These biennial reports guide the department’s ongoing administration, monitoring, and enhancement of its curricular program, closing the loop between report (data) and renovation (redirection). 

These reports are reviewed by the Assessment Committee, which provides guidance and suggestions, and conveys both departmental report and Assessment Committee review to the assistant provost for teaching, learning, and assessment and the provost.  A summary of departmental assessment reports is reviewed by the Board of Trustees, whose stewardship requires their confidence in the institution’s sustained and vibrant self-assessment. . Departmental assessment reports are also used in institutional assessment and are a vital component in the reaccreditation process.

The assessment of learning outcomes should ideally lead to changes that are meaningful to the department, thereby closing the assessment loop (assessment changes implementation reassessment).

Reports are due by the end of winter term.

Assessment Reporting Form

Would you like to prepare your information before completing the Assessment Reporting Form? Please feel free to view the series of questions you can expect on the Assessment Reporting Form. Note that you can also use the Continue and Save option located at the bottom of the form to save your report for up to 30 days.

These reports are typically 3-5 pages in length plus any supporting documents.

Preview of Assessment Reporting Form Questions

Preview of Assessment Reporting Form Questions

Part 1: Current Assessment


  • Which departmental learning outcome(s) did you assess for this report?
    Note: Visit the Learning Outcomes page for a list of all department learning outcomes.
  • Data or evidence that form the basis of your assessment:
  • Your interpretation of the evidence:
  • Next steps resulting from this assessment:
  • Does your assessment address issues of diversity and inclusion? If so, how?
  • Does your assessment address online learning? If so, how?
  • Does your department learning outcome contribute to any of the institutional learning outcomes given below? If yes, which one(s)? Please explain how in a sentence or two.

Institutional learning outcomes:

  • Communicate effectively – Explain:
  • Address complex problems – Explain:
  • Collaborate successfully – Explain:
  • Demonstrate intercultural competency – Explain:
  • Other – Explain:

Part 2:

Please also revisit your previous assessment report. Please include an update on the next steps and implementation from the last report. (1 – 2 paragraphs is a typical length for this response.)

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